For the Open Enrollment Period beginning November 1, will be Maine’s Health Insurance Marketplace – the place to go to find an affordable health insurance plan that fits your needs and your budget. Check back here for updates, and contact us if you have questions.

Shop and compare health plans now!

Our Plan Compare tool will take you through a few simple steps to find the right health insurance plan for your needs and budget. Increased financial assistance is available to lower premiums and out-of-pocket costs, making coverage more affordable. Open Enrollment for 2022 coverage will begin on November 1, 2021, but you can plan ahead by using the Plan Compare tool now.

Broker or Assister?

For more information about becoming certified to assist consumers, visit our Information for Brokers and Assisters page.

Still need coverage for 2021?

You may still be able to enroll in coverage through if you have experienced a qualifying life event. If you qualify for MaineCare, you can apply any time.