About Us

CoverME.gov is the website for the Maine Health Insurance Marketplace. CoverME.gov is designed to help find affordable health coverage for you and your family. Through CoverME.gov, you can compare qualified health insurance plans that include a comprehensive set of benefits and coverage. You can also apply for help to lower the cost of your health coverage. CoverME.gov can also help you find out if you qualify for free or low-cost coverage from MaineCare (Maine’s Medicaid program) or CubCare (the Children’s Health Insurance Program).

Until recently, Maine used the federal Health Insurance Marketplace at HealthCare.gov. The Made for Maine Health Coverage Act, which was passed by the Maine Legislature in 2020, authorized the creation of a State-run Marketplace. This allows Maine to tailor the shopping experience for Mainers, and to target outreach efforts to enroll even more residents in affordable coverage. To oversee this transition, the Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) created the Office of the Health Insurance Marketplace (OHIM). CoverME.gov is operated by OHIM.

Financial Information

The ongoing operation of CoverME.gov is funded by a user fee charged to insurance companies that use the platform to sell their plans. In 2021, this fee was 0.5% of total Marketplace premiums collected by Maine and 2.5% collected by the Federal government. In 2022, due to the launch of the state platform, the fee collected by Maine is 3% of total Marketplace premiums.