Time to Get CoveredTime to Get CoveredTime to Get Covered
Time to Get Covered

Find out if you qualify for a low-cost or free health plan.

Time to Get Covered

There are now more options in Maine for affordable quality health care coverage.

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Why get covered?

Listen to why these real Maine people are glad they signed up for their health plans:
“I have emphysema, and it was tough paying for my oxygen without health insurance. I’m ecstatic to be covered—and to get the word out to others. I can breathe again!"
"Like most home health aides, I’m not covered through my job. When I needed surgery after my car accident, I realized how important health insurance is. I got excellent help signing up, close to home.”
“I lost my health insurance because of a job change. It was a relief to find out I had options. With a genetic risk for breast cancer, I need to be tested often. I’m so grateful to be covered.”