Existing Marketplace Customers

Welcome to CoverME.gov, the marketplace where people in Maine can browse health plans, compare coverage options, and enroll in quality and affordable health coverage. Mainers can now use CoverME.gov instead of HealthCare.gov to shop for and enroll in coverage. CoverME.gov is the only place where you can apply for financial help that can lower your monthly premium and out-of-pocket costs.

Open Enrollment for 2022 has ended. You may still be eligible to enroll if you have experienced a qualifying life event -- like losing the insurance you get through your job, getting married or divorced, or having a baby. These events would qualify you for a Special Enrollment Period, which means you may be eligible to enroll in a plan outside of the annual Open Enrollment period. If you think you may qualify for an SEP, you should log in to your CoverME.gov account to make any necessary updates to your application. Once you’re ready to shop for plans, you will be asked to answer a couple of questions to determine if you qualify for an SEP. For certain life events, you may be required to call our Consumer Assistance Center at 1-866-636-0355 TTY: 711. If you qualify for an SEP, you will be able shop and enroll in a plan for 2022.

If you were enrolled in 2021 coverage through HealthCare.gov, an account has been created for you at CoverME.gov using the information we received from HealthCare.gov. If you have not yet claimed your CoverME.gov account, you can do so by logging in and creating a new username and password. CoverME.gov will match you to existing enrollment information from HealthCare.gov. See our guide below for detailed instructions on claiming your account.

Important things to know when setting up your CoverME.gov account:

  • You will need to create a new username and password when first setting up your CoverME.gov account. The username and password from HealthCare.gov will not work on CoverME.gov. For additional guidance, you can also reference our step-by-step guide to creating your CoverME.gov account (PDF).
  • If you have multiple family members on your plan, ensure that the same individual who created your HealthCare.gov account sets up your CoverME.gov account.
  • Please check that the name (including capitalization) that you enter on CoverME.gov matches the name on the notice you received from CoverME.gov.

Following these steps will help us make sure that your information we received from HealthCare.gov is matched to you.

If you gave permission for your eligibility to be redetermined on your HealthCare.gov application, you were automatically re-enrolled in your existing plan, or the most similar available plan, for 2022. If you haven’t done so already, you are encouraged to visit CoverME.gov to claim your account and make any updates to family or income information.


Need Help with Enrollment?

Use the Find Local Help Tool to find trained and certified enrollment professionals near you to assist with the enrollment process at no cost to you.